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 Silverlight Portal File Manager

This is a DotNetNuke version of the Silverlight 4 Drag and Drop File manager covered in these CodeProject articles:

This project uses the View Model Style pattern that allows for a complete separation between program and design. This allows a Designer with no programming ability, to completely change not only the style and look of the application, but also the entire design of the application.

The design of this application was done by Alan Beasley and the programming by Michael Washington.

Alan Beasley covers how the design is altered, with no code changes, in the following articles:

The Module

When you upload and place the module on a page in your DotNetNuke 4 or 5 website, it will show the contents of the Portal's file system (note: this module will not work with child portals).

It will only display and allow you to upload files with the following extensions: jpeg,jpg,png,tif,tiff,gif,zip,doc,docx,ppt,pptx,pdf,xls,xlsx,xap,txt,mp3,wmv,avi.

Uploading Files

Only administrators of the Portal have the ability to upload files. When they are logged in, they can upload file(s) by dropping them on the folder details panel (on the right hand side of the application). This is what the folder details looks like when you are viewing the files in the selected folder:

When you drag a file over the panel it changes color:

When you drop file(s) on the panel a progress bar will appear (note: the progress percentage display only works properly when running on a IIS 7 (or higher) web server):

After the upload process is complete, the uploaded file(s) will immediately show. You can simply click on a file to download it:

To add folders and to delete files and folders, use the standard DotNetNuke File Manager.

  • Silverlight Portal File Manager_01.00.00_Install.zip
  • SilverlightPortalFileManager_Silverlight_Source_01_00_00.zip

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