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DotNetNuke: Silverlight FileUploader 2.0

A Silverlight File Uploader To Allow Each User To Have Their Own File Repository

Silverlight File Uploader is a DotNetNuke 4 & 5 module that is a "wrapper" around the Open Source project Silverlight File Upload.

This module allows each user in your DotNetNuke portal the ability to create their own folders and structure and to upload files. You can allow only the users in a specified role the ability to upload files. The files that the users upload are displayed on the main screen to allow any user who has access to the module to browse and download.

It also adds upload security that the original project does not currently have (as of January 2009). The DotNetNuke module does not alter the FileUpload.xap file so it should be possible to update the module when the original project has an update by simply replacing that file.

The Module

When you install the module, and you are logged in as a administrator, you will see the Administrator Settings link.

This takes you to the screen that allows you to set the Upload Role (the role that will see the "Manage My Files" link and will be allowed to create folders and upload files).

It will also allow you to set the upload folder. This is a "rolling repository", if files are uploaded to one path and the path is changed for future files, the application will remember what location each file was uploaded to and will be able to retrieve all files. This will allow you to specify different directories at different times.



This module demonstrates that the old restrictions on client uploads no longer applies. It is now possible to create applications that allow your users to upload large files. This opens up a wide range of solutions that were previously not possible.

If you would like to support the development of the Silverlight File Upload application, you may donate using PayPal (this goes to the original author not to me).

Requires 3.5 SP1 or higher on the server

Use the install directions here:

Note: in IIS you will also need to set the MIME Type: Setting .xap MIME Type for Silverlight 2.0

Download the module and source code here:

Silverlight File