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 IWebXAML (live example)
 DotNetNuke® Silverlight IWebXAML Module

This module demonstrates calling a DotNetNuke website from a Silverlight application securely.

Secure Web Services

When calling web services you do not want to transmit unencrypted passwords over the network. Simply encrypting the passwords is not enough because the username / encrypted password combination can be captured with a packet sniffer or retrieved from the web browser cache and used to access the web service. 

The IWebXAML module creates a unique random password each time the module is accessed.

The Silverlight Module

You have to have AJAX 1.0 (or higher) installed and use the latest DotNetNuke software

When you place the module on a page:

When you hover over the button:

If you are not logged in:

If you are logged in:

Secure Web Services

This method provides secure web services because:

  • The DotNetNuke password is never displayed on any page or transmitted over the network.
  • The password changes each time the page is accessed so a page (and the username / password combination) retrieved from the web browser cache (for example if the page were accessed at a public internet cafe) will contain a password that has either been changed, expired, or due to expire soon (the last username / password combination expires after 1 hour. This can be set to a lower number for greater security).

Complete Source Code




Download the module here